This Is It

by Good Lookin' Out



released September 15, 2013

Pasażer Records



all rights reserved


Good Lookin' Out śląskie, Poland

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Track Name: Intro / Intolerance
Full of violence, intolerance,
this is your faith,
fuck that…
Track Name: Alive (feat. Wilk - Thug X Life)
Side by side, going straight ahead,
used to be alone, but no more this way,
at last I found the reason,
why I feel so fuckin’ alive,
feel so fuckin’ alive,
so alive.

I felt that I was drowning,
in a really deep shit,
my friends woke me up,
it was just a bad dream.

Feel so fuckin’ alive,
so alive.

Side by side,
straight ahead.
Track Name: Regrets Ripped Apart
From time to time,
I try to sit down and think,
pull out my regrets,
and rip them apart,
never mind the pain,
which I overcame,
it made me who I am today.

I am a sum of what i've been through,
friend or foe, I should be thanking you,
pull out my regrets,
and rip them apart,
pull out my regrets.
Track Name: Armed With Words
So many years, but I never felt it so strong,
I’m still here, not falling apart,
with my every word you are closer to my thoughts,
keep my head up, don't look down.

My words are everything that I've got,
how I could allow this to happen,
did I really miss something? fuck that,
I love my life, I don't want to get back.

With nothing - but not alone,
I have stayed with nothing but armed with words.
Track Name: Fuck The Police / Fighting My Rights
You still cross my line,
but I won’t stop fighting for my rights.
Track Name: Fire Is Still Burning
So fuckin’ tired,
but full of pride,
I watch what we created,
the stinging I still feel inside.

This fire is still burning.
Track Name: On My Shoulders
I will wake up tomorrow, and look at the sun,
I'm ready, at least I've learned how to breathe,
time is ticking and ticking, I will grasp as much as I can,
face the future, not ashamed of the past.

Life is still throwing some shit in my way,
I took it on my shoulders, now I know that I can.
Track Name: Stone Cold
Have you ever considered,
what business forced you into,
is the money you make,
worth compromise you take?

You hear one bling, your eyeballs turn gold,
as your wallets get fat, you turn stone cold.

Stone cold !
Track Name: Back Off
I don’t give a shit,
what you think of me,
better back off,
and get the fuck out.

I live my life and,
and don't care about your fucking game,
facade instead of face,
no tolerance for dicks like you.

I don’t give a shit,
what you think of me,
better back off,
no tolerance for dicks like you.
Track Name: Shut Your Mouth (feat. Filip - Bright Light)
I’ve heard it a thousand times,
this does not impress anyone.

Please just let us live - and shut your big mouth,
your fuckin’ ego bores us.

Please find a different job,
it bores us,
just stop spreading this shit around.